Fullerton Emergency Locksmith Master key Fullerton, CA


Do you own a residential complex? Are you a homeowner who’s tired of carrying and keeping a track of numerous keys? If yes, then a master key system might just be what you’re looking for. A popular option that’s availed by almost all residential owners, this system allows easy access to a property and also minimizes the hassle of micromanaging multiple set of keys.

Fullerton Emergency Locksmith Fullerton, CA 714-782-0023Also, the master key comes in handy to regain access after an apartment owner ends up locking himself out of his property. It also allows maintenance workers to access the property for periodic checks. In a few cases, this system has been known to save countless lives. If the home owner is away and if a fire or gas leak is sensed, the supervisor can gain access using the master key and bring the situation under control. Fullerton Emergency Locksmith has helped countless residential spaces in Fullerton, CA area experience the benefits of this system – and now you can too!

Comprehensive solutions:

When you call us in to implement this system in your property, we first try to understand your specific requirements and then devise a plan accordingly. Some property owners might need a simplistic system that allows them to access all the doors within their apartment, whereas others may require a set up to provide varied levels of access to different people. For instance, one key to be handed out to the property owner unlocks all the apartments in the buildings, whereas a separate key to access the apartments in each building are handed to the supervisors. Such a system would include master and sub-master keys. Our experts can devise such hierarchical systems and align them to specific client needs.

Keep your master key safe

When one key holds the power to access multiple properties, can you imagine the havoc it would wreak if it falls into the wrong hands? This is why you need to implement adequate security measures to keep the master key safe. You can talk to our experts and get key safes installed. These high-security safes can safeguard your keys, and in turn, your property.

Round the clock service

Lost your master key or suspect that it’s been stolen? Don’t worry, we work 24/7. We’ll immediately send our team of experts to your location and get a replacement key made or rekey all the locks in your property to render the stolen key useless and ensure that there’s no security lapse.

Reach out to us on 714-782-0023. We’re the masters when it comes to addressing your master key needs!